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Brits 2021, Grammys 2021, BBC Live Lounge and Dua's record breaking livestream 'Studio 2054' have all been designed, in part, by Pixelmappers. Working with Ceremony London we’ve collaborated with Es Devlin Studios, Block9 and Luke Halls Studio to make Dua's recent performance ideas come to life. Pixelmappers have been responsible for lighting, multimedia and production design elements. Providing content direction, technical drawing, rendering and even remote direction during the pandemic.



Pharaoh - Live from the dark, March 2021

Pharaoh is a huge figure in the Russian music market.Pixelmappers were responsible for Creative direction, Lighting design and production design for the recent 'Live form the dark' album launch. 



Fred Again - Studio Live, April 2021.

Fred performing a blissful live set with night-time London existing behind. Lit by Pixelmappers. Creative by Ceremony London. 


Gorillaz - Song Machine Live, December 2020

Gorillaz unique presentation of their newest and most loved material. Filmed live for three different time zones. Designed by Block9, lighting design by Pixelmappers. 



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